Email Marketing

The easiest sales to make are to those you've already sold to. They know you and you know that they're interested in what you're selling. To make the most of this you need to put new products and promotions in front of them, and ITQs Email Marketing services give you a slick and easy way of doing this, with minimum effort and maximum impact.


You will be set up with a delicious-looking HTML email template, into which you can pop your own images and links, and any information you want to impart, and your entire database of contacts will be ready-loaded for you to target as and when you please.

Once your mail us sent, you'll be able to track who received them, who opened them and how often, whether they clicked on any links, and their entire journey from mail receipt to purchase. We will even place an easy sign-up module in your website so your contact list keeps growing...

The ITQ service usually includes

Dependent on the number of customers you wish to email, there may be a monthly fee for use of the platform. Please contact ITQ for details