Do you think your website lacks content?

Content is now king as far as websites go. You need a constant stream of new, high quality content to make sure customers and prospects return to your site. And this also ensures that your organic search rankings keep high as Google rewards sites with interesting content.

How can you develop that?

In simple terms, you should start an inbound marketing strategy to improve the volume and quality of your site.

This activity works at all points of the sales funnel. You can use it to drive new site visitors and then to nurture a relationship with site visitors. This will provide them with relevant information and to guide them to become customers. To enable this to happen, you need an automatic marketing system which allows the collection of visitor information, allows social interaction & distribution and makes intelligent emailing easy.

Typically, we would deliver this type of service via a marketing support contract which we deliver using HubSpot. HubSpot is the most popular marketing automation system for SMEs.

Pretty serious about improving your site content?

If you ware really interested in improving your site content, we recommend a free telephone call with one of our consultants. They will ask you questions about your business objectives, your current marketing and what you need to change to grow. Tis will then allow us to develop a costed plan for you and we will present this back to you for your consideration.

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