Interested in using Magento as your E-Commerce platform

You might have already heard of Magento or are actually now using it to run your E-Commerce site?

If you haven't heard of Magento already, then you will not know how good it actually is. This is a highly functional, versatile and adaptable platform which can be used to host multi-site, multi-currency E-Commerce sites. We don't often use technical jargon but there is one that really applies here: Magento is 'best of breed' when it comes to powerful SME platforms. If you are forecasting for significant traffic, conducting online transactions and want to integrate with other systems to make your solution even more powerful, then Magento is what you should choose.

What we can do to help you

ITQ Solutions is a specialist agency and we have significant experience over many years in developing and delivering Magento stores.

Are you serious about this?

Then we recommend a free telephone call with one of our consultants to take things forward first of all. They will ask you questions about your business objectives, what sort of platform your are currently using and wether you have any thoughts about why you are thinking about using Magento in the future. This will then allow us to develop a costed plan for you and we will present this back to you for your consideration.

The call will take approximately one hour. Press the button below to schedule a call - how can that hurt?

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