Magento Integrated with BrightPearl

Brightpearl is a SaaS based business software system that integrates a range of different business functions including accounting, CRM, inventory management, ecommerce, projects, helpdesk, POS, purchasing, and sales order management.

BrightPearl Order Management

Out-of-this-world Order Management

With Brightpearl's Magento inventory management software, your sales automatically update your inventory and prompt you to process an order.

You can generate quotes, invoices and even ship from right within the system. Everything is recorded against a customer's record, too, so you always have complete visibility over which customer has ordered what and when. Total control, total customer satisfaction.

BrightPearl Order Management

All Your Sales Channels in One System

Accounting, purchasing, order management, point of sale, eBay, and Amazon - all integrated together with your Magento storefronts.

When you make a sale through your website, your other customer-facing systems automatically update so you'll never accidentally sell the same item twice. With a single system for everything from invoicing to overheads, Brightpearl's Magento inventory management software can transform your processes for the better. Real joined-up thinking.

BrightPearl Customer Service

Great Customer Service

Get items out to customers in super-quick time with Brightpearl's integrated carrier solutions.

Brightpearl's Magento inventory management software helps you re-create orders, quotes and invoices at the click of a button. You always know what your customers have bought and when, and you can see what part of the shipping process orders are in at a glance. That means you can give your customers the high level of service they expect. That'll keep them coming back for more.

BrightPearl Insight

Powerful Insight

Get new insight into your business with Brightpearl's advanced reporting.See across your business in real time and get visibility on what products are selling well, which channels are performing best, who your top customers are, and what your profits and losses are looking like. No need for lengthy data transfers or manipulation. Just accurate, real-time, actionable data as and when your business needs it. True business intelligence.